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Pali Vet is happy to announce our new Tele-Ultrasound services. We have a team of 3 certified sonographers on our staff who perform the ultrasound scans. Next, our in-house sonographers partner with a team of Board Certified Radiologist for interpretation of the images. The benefits of in-house ultrasound are numerous. Firstly, we’re able to minimize travel for your ailing pet. Secondly, we’re able to minimize the amount of waiting time for pet “parents” to receive a doctor-generated, individualized treatment plan. This means we’re able to proceed with treatment quicker. We’re also able to schedule follow-up visits and follow-up scans at your convenience, without having to factor in a third party.

Having this technology in-house also allows us to offer ultrasounds as part of our wellness protocol at a discounted price. As the standards of 21st century veterinary care strive to approximate the standards of human care, we are finding that many of our clients are eager for more preventative care and a focus on wellness. Wellness Ultrasound is one of the latest and greatest tools in our preventative care arsenal. Wellness Ultrasounds are appropriate at all ages, and are highly recommended for middle-aged and senior pets.

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