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Flea & Tick Prevention

Sometimes our state’s love of the outdoors can come back to bite us. Due to increased outdoor activity and high levels of interaction with other pets, the risk of fleas and ticks in the Los Angeles area is high. These tiny parasites transmit many harmful diseases including Murine typhus, lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, making them dangerous to your pet and family.

Fortunately, regularly applying medication is a surefire way of keeping your pet free of these nasty parasites. Flea and tick medicine comes in a number of forms including topicals, shampoo and chewable tablets, all of which work by killing existing insects and preventing new infections by preventing their eggs from hatching. We recommend that all pets begin a prevention regimen as soon as possible.

Pacific Palisades Veterinary Center recommends Bravecto for our patients. As a chewable tablet given every 12 weeks, Bravecto provides complete flea and tick control for the entire duration of use, resulting in comprehensive parasite protection. Bravecto is prescription only; please contact Pali Vet to schedule a preventative care appointment today.