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Feline Friendly Practice

We are excited to announce the addition of PaliVets’ Feline Advocate.

Did you know… In the United States, there are appoximately 86 Million Owned Cats and 78 Million Owned Dogs, but less then 40% of all owned felines ever make it into the Vet’s Office for a Routine Exam.

At PaliVet, we understand how stressful it can be to bring your furry friends to the Vet, especially cats. Just trying to get your kitty into the carrier can be an all day event… Did you know we can minimize the stress trips to the PaliVet could place on both you and your cat? This is one of the many benefits our practice can provide for you with our new Feline Advocate. Our mission as a Feline Friendly practice is to not only to address the needs of Cats but to also educate our cat owners, increasing their understanding of the importance of preventative care, feline behavior, and how to provide their cat with a better qualitiy of life.