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Our Staff

Angel Davis

Head Receptionist

I’m from Southern California, born and raised.




Daisy Cruise


I grew up here in Pacific Palisades, going from Marquez Elementary to Paul Revere to Pali High. I applied to this hospital after deciding to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. I started as a kennel attendant and worked my way up to veterinary assistant.

I have a menagerie of pets at home. Blue (rabbit), Clover (rabbit), Mammouth (rabbit), Dorian (cat), Maxine (cat), and Calvin (cat).

I love going to amusement parks, especially Disneyland. Video games are my guilty pleasure. Other than that, reading, drawing and knitting are some of my favorite things to do to relax.

David Rice


I grew up in Westchester, CA.  I have several snakes and other reptiles at home, including Bearded Dragons.

I love sweets, and bring donuts for my coworkers now and then.

Magen Prado





Growing up, I moved around a lot because of my family’s work. I mainly lived in the San Gabriel Valley and Salt Lake City, Utah. I was looking for a job after I moved back to Los Angeles from Salt Lake City and started working here as part of the kennel staff.

I realized I enjoyed working with animals when I volunteered with a rescue group in Salt Lake City that helped a lot of homeless pets and shelter pets.

I had three rabbits, but one recently passed away. Her name was Mashi. She was the first pet my wife and I got together. My other two rabbits are named Doree and Chaco. I also have a mixed-breed dog named Jewel. She is a mix of Samoyed, Jindo, Japanese Spitz and Eskimo. She is my baby.

I enjoy exercising, sports—especially basketball—and video games, and I am a foodie.




Overnight Technician

Before I started working in a pet hospital, I worked in an animal laboratory as a caretaker. Animals there were ordered by PI and delivered to the facility. They stayed in limited spaces for life and were tested with drugs, diseases, chemicals and radiation. After the experiments were done, they were euthanized. Even though I realized how important those experiments were, it was still difficult to see bags of new bodies every day. I then started working at Pali Vet, where animals are family and where we work with pet parents to give their pets healthy lives.

Animals can’t talk, but they still have a lot of ways they communicate. I adopted my first cat 13 years ago. I love to have pets as my family members. I like to stay home observing everything they do to understand what they like and learn how to tell when they need medical attention.

I have two cats: Lilian and Bibi. Bibi is 5 years old, and he likes to eat and is always hungry. I feed them at certain times every day, and about an hour before their meal, Bibi will start meowing, walking around me, scratching the door and staring at me to remind me it’s about his lunch time. When I stand up and walk, he’ll jump up and run to where I store their food. Otherwise he sleeps a lot and does everything slowly.

Lilian became a family member when she was 4 weeks old. When she was still under quarantine, she was the sweetest angel; she would cling to my leg and sleep like a baby. After she saw Bibi, she started following him everywhere and sleeping “on” him and does not like me to hold her anymore. She is now 1 year old and is still energetic, curious and chatty. She is the smallest one but she is the boss.

In my free time, I like to play ping pong, play guitar and do photography.